How do you convince my father…

To vote for Obama? This is a contest of which only perhaps one will participate.

Question: My father has an indescribably, undeniable deep hatred for and lack of trust of Obama. Ok, let me qualify. 1) He is convinced Obama’s ambitions for presidency are malicious in manner. This meaning, 2) Obama has “rage in his blood” fueled mainly by the horrific, racist Reverend Wright. 3) Obama is incredibly unqualified and anyone (mainly those stupid young people) who can’t see through Obama’s “bullshit” is crazy. 4) He claims there is “nothing wrong with the economy” and what could Obama possibly do anyway? — That’s when I hung up. Oh, and 5) He voted for Hillary and he’d vote for her if she was the nominee.

That’s just the beginning. Help me – what is the most succinct way of explaining to my father the merits of voting for Obama – or at least, what can be said so my father can talk to me rationally about the man and not scream over the phone, hurting my ears?


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