Give me my f-in mail!

I love my house. I love Bloomington. I hate my mailman. Apparently, we need to put a mailbox (which is currently on our house next to the door) on the road, so our lazy ass mailman doesn’t have to get out of his truck. Fine. I understand…or I would understand if he didn’t already have to get out of his truck to give our next door neighbor only 25 ft away her mail.
When a new resident moves in, the USPS can tell them what to do. They tell us “Put a new mailbox on the road.” Our neighbor has lived there for ??? years (she’s 80 or so, with meticulously placed lawn ornaments that include: bunnies, rainbow windmills, pink flamingos, etc.) so she doesn’t have to follow the new rule.  Of course, as renters, we are not responsible. Our landlord seems to be taking his sweet ass time putting a mailbox in. So Jeff and I are left to meekly as the postal secretary every few days to get our mail and she warned me that we can’t keep picking it up (methinks if Jeff was getting it, it’d be ok.) Sometimes, our mailman TAKES WITH OUR MAIL HIM ON HIS TRUCK and DOES NOT DELIVER TO US.  I sense a conspiracy.


2 Responses to “Give me my f-in mail!”

  1. 1 Maxi Malone August 26, 2008 at 7:59 pm

    Something isn’t right here. My husband was a carrier for thirty-seven years; can’t believe rules are different for neighbor. Also, your mailman has nothing to do with it. Regulation comes from USPS. Hope it gets straightened out so you can get your mail.

  2. 2 dianacolada August 26, 2008 at 8:50 pm

    You’re right – it isn’t the mail man’s fault. Though he does seem a bit embittered when we walk outside to meet him and politely ask for our mail. I’m sort of afraid of him…:) Alas, frustration all over the place – hence my rant.

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