Media, Shut the F— up already

I am as annoyed and astonished by the Palin pick as many, but don’t you think bringing up Eagleton at every chance is a little much? Getting a bit ahead of ourselves? Talk about a hard on for instant gratification. It’s been what, five days since she’s been nominated? Calm down! There is enough to sort through already (catch the Huffington Post’s front page?). So please, please let the electorate digest before you blow the whole thing! The Republicans now have an excuse to blame the mainstream media for being biased (and to a ridiculous extreme – sexist. I mean, puhlease – quit insulting our intelligence.) So, I beg thee MSM, cool off, report on something else for awhile.  Let Palin self-destruct, or let her be just fine, allowing the focus to shift back to McCain.  Because in a McCain vs. Obama campaign, Obama has the upper hand. McCain may be able say “I told you so” about Palin, but he won’t be able to say that about all the other fucked up things he’s said and done. 

p.s. it’s sort of fun to “boo” the Republican convention at appropriate times (i.e. Bush’s placement of Alito and Scalia on the Supreme Court.)


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