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Debate: LIVE

Good ole PBS…

Did you know the American people are angry? 

JOE WERTZERBERGER – who is he? oh, he’s a plumber.  

Obama – kills American dream!

“Let’s spread the wealth around,” chuckles McCain, he points at Obama and titters, “he’s a socialist!” 

is McCain promoting greed?

Back when we were in the depression – hey, mccain, were you there?

McCain says SNAP.

NO HE DIDN’T! (yes, he just blamed all the negative ads on Obama’s refusal to accompany McCain in a series of townhall debates THREE months ago)

hope you know what repudiate means.

McCain is throwing it out there – and nobody cares anymore. Hopefully?…

Obama: Love the name dropping!

that’s the most awkward 180 pivot ever seen. 

i like “languishing”

transparency – a theme of obama’s campaign since the very beginning and mccain continues to co-opt it. 

jeff got really excited about how barack said “human rights”

Uh, Obama couldn’t have not voted for Breyer…

What is McCain’s education policy?

Obama, elaborate on how vouchers SUCK! puhlease!

healthy discussion – yes…


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