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Palin – High School Drama Star!

It’s not only the absurd notions Palin speaks of, it’s the way she says those lies. With her numerous hand gestures and stilted inflection, I am reminded of a high school student’s speech for student body president. While watching her interview with Mr. Gibson, I am nagged by her constant “Charlie” interjections. What an annoying public speaking “to do”! Her confidence is lacking as she slumps and wrings her hands occasionally, pushing up her sleeves…feeling a bit hot and nervous? 

What is Charlie talking about?

What is Charlie talking about?


She sounds as if she is at a job interview for your everyday job at a bank or school. Except that if she was interviewing at one of those places she wouldn’t be hired because she doesn’t have the paralleled experience – who cares if she can talk and smile up a storm!  Oh, and it’s not just a bank telling/high school teaching position (though, given the economy right now, those are hard jobs to get…) – she is running for vice president. G-Damn.

The GOP: Gone off the deep end

Listening to Giuliani’s speech, I am now convinced that the Republicans are, indeed, insane. ‘nuf said.

Media, Shut the F— up already

I am as annoyed and astonished by the Palin pick as many, but don’t you think bringing up Eagleton at every chance is a little much? Getting a bit ahead of ourselves? Talk about a hard on for instant gratification. It’s been what, five days since she’s been nominated? Calm down! There is enough to sort through already (catch the Huffington Post’s front page?). So please, please let the electorate digest before you blow the whole thing! The Republicans now have an excuse to blame the mainstream media for being biased (and to a ridiculous extreme – sexist. I mean, puhlease – quit insulting our intelligence.) So, I beg thee MSM, cool off, report on something else for awhile.  Let Palin self-destruct, or let her be just fine, allowing the focus to shift back to McCain.  Because in a McCain vs. Obama campaign, Obama has the upper hand. McCain may be able say “I told you so” about Palin, but he won’t be able to say that about all the other fucked up things he’s said and done. 

p.s. it’s sort of fun to “boo” the Republican convention at appropriate times (i.e. Bush’s placement of Alito and Scalia on the Supreme Court.)

Angry Break

So I took a little break from blogging because I was so inexplicably pissed off about Palin that I attempted to cut myself off from politics for awhile.  No offense to Mrs. Palin, but offense to me and every other woman McCain thought he could rope in with his VP pick. Alas, in lieu of politics I provide this delightful website entitled “Shrink-A-Bulls”.  It contains many pictures of Miniature English Bull Dogs. I want one. Too bad they cost $5,000.

Where is Bill Richardson?

Why can’t he speak tonight? Perhaps after fisticuffs with Bill Clinton backstage he has to wait until his bloody nose and black eye are cleaned up. BOOYAH!

Jim Leach

As a recent emigrant of Iowa – I am proud. …and sorry I didn’t vote for you…

PBS & the Convention: Gavel to Gavel Coverage

What if…what if…all news stations were like PBS? We’d have Mr. David Brooks, with his bright pink tie and grey gingham shirt, talking about Robin Reuben (who?) and Mr. Mike Shields with his grandpa jowls. Ah, what a wonderful world it would be. We’d have professors and journalists providing historical context to our here and now.

Howard Dean: George Bush’s problem – he was president to only half the nation. Obama will be the president of all the people.

Delegates – 81% of them may have bachelor’s degrees, but they all have too much time on their hands. BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE TO WORK! BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL ELITISTS!

Who sent Inside Edition to the convention? Did you notice Nancy had a conservative shirt/pant combo rather than her slutty hot pink skirtsuit? Either she’s gotten fat, is pregnant, or had the wheresabout to know she had a different audience (though she does have a wardrobe lady…) I don’t have cable. I have to use bunny ears to get any of the teevee. Only 4 channels are clear: CBS (Inside Edition), NBC (Olympics), Christian Network (still looking for the man who plays the ram’s horn) and PBS.

Why does Nancy Judy Woodruff have to wear those ridiculous headphones…oh yeah, it’s PBS. No funds, no tiny earphones.

i kind of like Mike Shields’ tie…

“From the kitchen to the congress…” – Nancy Pelosi – needs to wear less heavy clip-on earrings. Or as Jeff says, “Nancy “jiggly earlobes” Pelosi”

Nancy Pelosi: Her outfit – a little too buttoned up for me, and as Jeff rightly says, “chef suit”

“Defining moment in our history…” yada yada yada

“one nation…UNDER GOD.”

“Gavel it!” – Jeff

Yay minimum wage raise! It’s still not enough!

New DNC slogan: “Barack Obama is right. John McCain is wrong.” — ‘Nuf said. Put that on the teevee screens.

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