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Two Years Teaching & Think You “Got This”? Nope.

The New York Times published an article on high teacher turnover and how some charter schools are encouraging it. While the entire article was a bit oft-putting, a couple of quotes made me furrow my brow deeper.

“We have this highly motivated, highly driven work force who are now wondering, ‘O.K., I’ve got this, what’s the next thing?’ ” said Jennifer Hines, senior vice president of people and programs at YES Prep.


“I feel like our generation is always moving onto the next thing,” he (a 24 year old teacher) said, “and always moving onto something bigger and better.”

Teaching is no longer “it”. Being a classroom teacher is just a stepping stone to what? Why, the “bigger and better,” of course! [To be fair, if I was “on the clock” until 9 pm everyday, I’d be thinking of moving on to “something bigger and better,” too.]

There seems to be a lack of respect for the profession from those who are actually in it! If you feel like you’ve “got this” as a teacher after a couple years, you haven’t been reflecting enough. Teaching is learning – the work never stops. Perhaps you “got it” with that group of students, but what about the next class you encounter? Every student is different – you never “just get it.” You get better yes, but “got it”? Nope. The arrogance that exudes from that quote bothers me. They very well have intended different meanings with their statements, but it comes off to me – someone who thinks of teaching as never ending learning process – as crude.

Look, ambition isn’t totally bad. But when ambition keeps you from gaining the experiences necessary to put students first…I don’t know. Can you at least wait until you’re thirty? Y’all making me feel old! 

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